A Certified Pre-Owned Car Unlike Any Other

Not Just Pre-Owned, but Certified

Sure, you can get a pre-owned vehicle in “tip-top” shape from any online marketplace or dealership, but are they certified to the SureSale standards?

Let’s unpack that. We know just how important it is to be honest with pre-owned vehicle sales, and that’s why we take our time to certify them to our elevated standards. A prospective vehicle could seem like a great choice when taking a look at the exterior and popping the hood for a once-over, but choosing quality takes more than that! We know, we know – when you come across the pre-owned vehicle of your dreams, it’s hard to look past the shiny coat of paint and the comfortable driver’s seat. That’s why we hire industry leaders and master mechanics to go over each of our vehicles with a fine-tooth comb. How else did you think we go about completing our certification process?

The Quadruple Check

Okay, we definitely do more than a four-point check. Each of our SureSale certified pre-owned cars go through an inspection that hits over 150 topics! You can find details on the powertrain, electrical transmission and suspension, safety functions, brake conditions, tire conditions and even the cooling and fuel systems to name a few. Not only do we check under the hood, we get behind it. Our mechanics take each certified pre-owned car for a road test to see how the vehicle drives and how it handles certain maneuvers.

Certifying Your Safety

After reading through our CAReport, taking your prospective vehicle for a spin and eventually choosing one of our certified pre-owned cars to take home, you can rest assured we’ve pulled out all of the stops to keep you in the know of every detail on your new-to-you vehicle. We’re driven by delivering certified pre-owned driving machines that keep your safety and sanity in mind.   Find out more about how we certify our vehicles and what you can expect when receiving our CAReports.