Getting A Certified Inspection on Your Next Used Vehicle Purchase

150+ Reasons to Trust Us

During the certified inspection process, we conduct a detailed 150+ point inspection on every single one of our used vehicles, and we employ the industry’s leading certified mechanics to do it.

These well-trained and experienced mechanics conduct a comprehensive sweep of each vehicle. Taking their time to ensure nothing is overlooked or rushed through just to reach a desired conclusion. Our mechanics find the facts and report on them accordingly.

The Deep Dive into the Certified Inspection

During the extensive inspection, our certified mechanics check for a plethora of different features. Below you will find just a snip-bit of the most popular areas they start with:

A salvaged or junk title – If the vehicle presented to us has been in a major accident and/or has a salvaged or junk title, we pass on it. Even if the title doesn’t look to have a salvaged or junk appendage, we still do our due diligence to see if the vehicle has had any major accidents.

Flood, fire or hail damage – The last thing you want to discover is that your freshly purchased used vehicle has had interior and exterior damage reported. That’s why we make sure we check the title for any notations of fire, flood, rebuild or hail damage.

Odometer check – We ensure the odometer reflects the actual mileage that’s been put onto the vehicle. Odometer fraud is a serious crime that is growing in popularity, and we’re here to help you circumvent that!

Interior and safety check – There are just about 50 major items that our mechanics check our used vehicles for. Everything from seat belt function to nob calibrations.

Manufacturer warranty & recalls – We research and notate each vehicles’ open recalls and the availability of the manufacture’s warranty coverage.

When making a SureSale purchase, you can be Sure that we’ve done a great amount of work in the background to give you the best deal (and a large amount of peace of mind) for your money! We pride ourselves on keeping your safety in the forefronts of our minds when we hand-select the vehicles to represent.

Ready to take a look at our amazing used car selection? Visit our marketplace today or meet up with Shirley who can point you in the right direction.