A Comprehensive Auto Report You Can Trust Every Time

Putting the “Quality” back in “Quality Used Car”

Have you ever gone to a dealership and received a short unimpressive print out from the sales associate on the “ins and outs” of the used vehicle you’re interested in purchasing? Now, imagine that print out, and multiply it by 150.

We put our used vehicles through a 150+ point inspection for our Comprehensive Auto Reports with certified mechanics. We’re not talking about a few laps around the car and a quick peek under the hood either. We take our time to inspect under the vehicle and under the hood. We don’t believe in buying a mystery “as is” car. We want our customers to feel satisfied and safe when they purchase a used vehicle from us.

Our certified mechanics take each vehicle for a road test, then they run checks on the engine, powertrain, fuel systems, suspension, electrical transmission and even the cooling systems and they don’t stop there. Our mechanics ensure the interior of each vehicle is thoroughly reviewed for safety functionality as well.

Did we forget to mention we also kick the tires? That’s right. We don’t believe it’s fair for our customers to get a new-to-them vehicle with terrible tires. Our mechanics also conduct detailed searches on tire and brake conditions to make sure you are all safe and set to drive your used vehicle home.

Clean as a Whistle

Our Comprehensive Auto Reports also come with the assurance that the used car you’re interested in has a title that’s clean! Each and every one of our used vehicles come with a SureSale Certification, which means they have clean titles and are also free of reported flood, hail and fire damage. We don’t back any vehicle that has a salvaged or junk title and we steer clear from used vehicles that have electrical malfunctions or issues.

Comprehensive So You Don’t Have to Be

We do the research on each of our used vehicles so that you don’t have to. Our insanely thorough Comprehensive Auto Reports make it easy to choose one our ready-to-buy cars – quickly and efficiently. 

Ready to find your next SureSale Certified car? We’ve made that easy, too. Browse our long list of available vehicles now