The CPO Program Your Customers Have Been Waiting For

What’s better than 1 Certified Program? Two. 

That’s right! If you’ve been thinking about bringing on a partner to help you move your pre-owned vehicles off of your dealership lot faster, then you should check out what we offer here at SureSale. 

We make it easy for you to certify even more of your inventory by allowing you to certify vehicles: 

  • That have over 150,000 miles – remember, most CPO Programs put a hard-stop around 70,000 miles. 
  • That have over 30 makes – this allows you to really dig deep to the corners of your dealership lot to those vehicles who have a niche market of customers. 
  • That are over 15 years old – we know, we know. But by partnering with SureSale, you can give your customers another layer of peace of mind with our certification and warranty. 

A CPO Program that Will Keep Customers Happy

The last time you made a major purchase and it came with an extended warranty, great customer service with a bunch of bells and whistles, is it fair to say that it helped with your decision to swipe your card because you felt secure? At SureSale, we can help offer that same feeling to your customers. 

And guess what, 69% of customers who purchased certified said they would return to the same dealer to purchase their next vehicle! There are life-long customers that are out there, and we’re going to help you reach them with our Unique Selling Propositions!  

Think you’re ready to become a SureSale Certified Authorized Dealer?

Say no more! There are 3 easy steps to complete and then you’re on your way:

  1. Create Account
  2. Review and sign the SureSale Dealer Agreement
  3. Tell us about your inventory feed

Have questions about the process, or just want to chat about revamping your CPO program with SureSale? Visit us here.