Dealership Growth Strategy: Use Secret Sauce. (We’re the Secret Sauce)

Exponential Growth with SureSale

It may be a tad corny to say, but – using SureSale can almost guarantee a sure sale.

When looking to strengthen your dealership growth strategy, the first place you should start is here, with SureSale. You can sell more cars at a faster rate, much easier by utilizing SureSale Certified vehicles. They speak for themselves! Did you know that two-thirds of used car shoppers begin their great-hunt for their next vehicle purchase by searching for “certified vehicles?”

Once you partner with SureSale, you’ll be able to cast a wider net over your customers because our Certified vehicles allow you to incorporate more makes and more models. We even take it another step further and extend your marketing program by certifying vehicles up to 15 model years and 150,000 miles! Who does that?!

Because of our extremely trusted and guaranteed certification method, we’re able to help you offer your customers a wider range of vehicles to choose from. If they liked you before, they’re going to love you now!

The Footnotes

Our Certification program allows dealers to certify an extended range of their inventory – automatically opening up doors for more sales.

Is your dealership home to a lot of oldies but goodies? We can respect that. While many CPO programs make the cut-off for certification of pre-owned vehicles at 70K miles, ours is over double, at 150K miles.  

Watch the Growth Happen

Not only do we extend the warranty of vehicles you’ve been struggling to sell, but we also offer a one-of-a-kind, leading certified marketing platform for our dealerships. We can drive buyers directly from our optimized website to your brick and mortar, making it extremely easy for you to close the sale once they get to your lot! They’ll know which vehicle they have in mind, they’ll have all of the nitty-gritty details, and they’ll most likely be ready for a test drive immediately! Get the pens ready.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

The last thing you want on your hands is an upset customer who purchased a dud from your lot and went online to tweet about it. Negative reviews are so hard to bounce-back from!

Lucky for you, SureSale Certified buyers are substantially happier with their certified purchases vs buying any joe-schmo used vehicle.

By utilizing all of the benefits that we have to offer here at SureSale as your Unique Selling Proposition, you’ll be sure to increase sales, and increase your customer satisfaction levels!

Give us a go!