Increase Your CPO Sales by Partnering with SureSale

How We Can Help Increase Your CPO Sales

First, and most importantly – we’re awesome. With SureSale Certified, we help our partner dealerships sell more cars quicker, and with ease.

Our certification process is so thorough and successful that we have been able to certify the quality and value of a CPO at 15 model years, and a CPO at 150,000 miles.

Partnering with SureSale and our Certification program means that you can easily sell those pre-owned vehicles that have been sitting on your lot for longer than you have anticipated for.

We’re not talking about a fast way to earn a couple bucks by dropping the price of your unwanted clunkers – we’ve set the quality bar too high for that! We’re talking about adding another layer of peace-of-mind to your quality used vehicles and making it easier for you to get those vehicles out of the door, call it the SureSale Blanket.

Think about it, right now, about two-thirds of used car shoppers begin their search looking for certified vehicles. Great, you’ve got that covered.
Now let’s say a shopper comes in, checks out a few of your certified vehicles but still has some concerns. Before they walk away and you potentially lose the sale, pull out that SureSale Blanket and let them know that their purchase comes with a clean title—free of accidents and major damage—a 5-month, 5,000-mile warranty, and that it meets your rigorous safety and mechanical standards according to a thorough inspection process. Did we forget to mention it comes with a 5-day Exchange Guarantee?

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We told you, we’re awesome.

Learn more about how we can help you increase CPO sales today!