Increasing Your Gross Car Sales Couldn’t Be Easier

It Takes Two

We get it, margins are down, the lot is overflowing, and sales are down overall – what do you do? Partnering with someone like us, here at SureSale could really elevate your business. We help dealerships increase their sales, gross profit and inventory turn, with our leading certified marketing platform, our amazing vehicle coverage and our inspection process.

Our Certified Marketing Platform

We’ve strategically optimized our website to help drive traffic to our marketplace, where we list all of our thoroughly inspected vehicles. Now, let’s take a step back and think of a scenario in the very-near future.

  1. Let’s say we join forces, and your vehicles end up in our marketplace.
  2. We’ve got some powerhouse search engine optimization specialists working behind the scenes, driving massive traffic to our site, and through to your site – where the cars are listed for sale.
  3. After our customers see what they like, recognize what we have to offer, and are interested in learning more, they head over to your dealership.
  4. You greet them with a smile, the keys to the car they showed interest in, and you take the vehicle for a test drive.
  5. You do the dance, shake some hands, sign some papers, and that’s that.
  6. You do the same thing the next day, and the next, and naturally, the next.

These are the steps we can take together to close more sales by showcasing your available, and certified vehicles online and on-lot as certified! The next time your market manager asks you about ideas on how to increase your gross in car sales, you’re free to use the above high-level explanation. You’re welcome.

Our Secret Sauce

While we don’t plan on spilling all the beans, here is a light serving of the sauce we’ve got working in the pot right now:

We believe in extending your older inventory to cover even older inventory. We know, it sounds crazy, but the way our 150+ point inspection is set up, you would be wise to trust the process! We believe that dealerships who are having trouble moving some of their older inventory would actually benefit most from our program. By giving your customers the extra peace of mind with our certification process, you give them more of a reason to purchase from you!

We help you cover vehicles with up to 150K miles and that are 15 years old or newer! Such a large blanket is great to cover such a large array of vehicles. And hey, the more vehicles you have to offer, the more potential sales you have.

Bada bing, bada boom.