Our Certified Pre-Owned SureSale Vehicle-Base is Growing!

The More We Grow…

The more we have to offer you! We’ve been in the works with partnering with dealerships, master mechanics, inspection centers, reconditioning facilities, and appraisal centers, all to bring you the best certified pre-owned vehicles, at really great prices. 

Our standards never waiver

We make sure every SureSale pre-owned vehicle goes through a 150+ point inspection, and just because the vehicle goes through this inspection doesn’t mean it’ll make it through! Only the best of the best that meet our quality standard get the “stamp of approval.”  

We employ highly experienced certified mechanics that check out each vehicle piece by piece, they get behind the wheel and conduct a road test, they pop the hood to check on the engine, electrical transmission system and suspension. They even take a look at the cooling/fuel systems! 

Our mechanics are on another level of excellent – they’re trained on searching for any interior or safety function hazards. We report on the condition of tires, breaks, and all interior features. When you purchase from SureSale, we want you to know we did our due diligence when making sure these vehicles are safe, secure, and will get you the best bang for your buck! 

Take the leap with us, check out the nice, long list of Certified Pre-Owned SureSale vehicles that are available in your area, today. If you have questions about the SureSale certification process or would like to learn about our 150+ point inspection, reach out to us! We don’t bite.