Pre-Owned Protection Included In The Price

When looking at one of our SureSale Certified vehicles, you’re also looking at a really great comprehensive warranty for a new-to-you used car. For starters, we conduct one of the nations’ most thorough examinations of each and every one of our SureSale vehicles. We also offer a comprehensive 5-month, 5,000-mile limited warranty that covers areas of your vehicle that are otherwise unheard of!

If you do decide to purchase a vehicle from SureSale, you’re covered by our limited warranty that covers your vehicles’:

Steering column Air conditioner
Electrical system Fuel delivery
Transmission Drive axels
Engine Brakes
Seals and gaskets  

Wow. You typically can’t find a warranty that blankets a hefty portion of your car like SureSale does – and that’s what we like to call purchase protection!

 The 5-day “I Changed My Mind” Window

Sometimes, a change in needs or a change of heart just happens. We’ll be here with a few options available for you if that happens during the first 5 days of your used vehicle purchase. Our 5-day, 500-mile Exchange Guarantee allows you to bring your vehicle back for whatever the reason within 5 days of the original purchase. But be cautious, if you’ve put over 500 miles on your new-to-you used car, we may not be able to help you switch into a different vehicle.

Need the details? Let’s say you check out our used SureSale Certified 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee. You run through the comprehensive CAReport and are sold on all the bells and whistles that come along with this rugged SUV. Just 4 days later, you stroll back into the participating dealership you purchased it from, and explain that it’s just too much vehicle for you and you’re thinking of checking out the much smaller SureSale Certified 2018 Infinity Q70, instead. Our partner dealership processes the paperwork, and you’re out of the door within the hour with a new-to-you Q70! Simple as that.

We pride ourselves on making the car purchasing experience a fast, friendly and painless process and our purchase protection program is how we demonstrate that.

Browse through our selection of pre-owned SureSale vehicles, and read up on our purchase protection details here.