The SureSale Difference in a Quality Used Car

What Exactly Does SureSale Mean?

SureSale means you can be sure about our ready-to-buy cars. If you choose one of our SureSale Certified vehicles, you can rest asSured that we’ve taken care of the small (and large) details that pertain to purchasing a vehicle that’s new-to-you.

Every vehicle we take under our wing has been rigorously inspected for how it measures up when it comes to our high safety and mechanical standards. We offer our customers a CAReport (Comprehensive Auto Report), that has the results of a 150+ point inspection that measures everything from bumper to bumper and from the roof to the tires. We pride ourselves on completely surpassing the expectations of our customers when it comes to reviewing our vehicles.

Visit our Why SureSale page to learn more about what sets us apart from other vehicle-reviewing companies.

The Past, Present and Future of a SureSale Vehicle

We like to think of ourselves as a 360-degree partner in your SureSale Certified vehicle purchase.  We examine the vehicles past, methodically inspect the vehicle in its present state, and we set you up for a successful future with our generous 5-month / 5,000-mile Limited Warranty and our whopping 5-day Exchange Guarantee!

Let’s quickly unpack that last part. You have 5 days to bring your vehicle back to us for any reason whatsoever if you are unhappy with it and we will exchange it for something more along the lines of what you may have been looking for. But be advised, if you put more than 500 miles on the car before bringing it back, you may not be eligible for an exchange.

More than One Cherry on Top

We equip our SureSale vehicles with several added features. For one (two and three), we offer roadside, rental, and towing coverage! If you just so happen to breakdown on the side of the road, we will tow your vehicle to the shop of your choice, and we will even cover a rental car for the time being! But, that’s not the best part. If you break down over 100 miles away from home, and the shop needs to keep your car overnight, we’ll still be able to help by means of a stipend of $100 a day for food and lodging.  

You may also really enjoy these added bonuses if you just-so-happen to lock yourself out of your car.  Because the next time it happens, we’ll be there to bail you out – again.

Are you ready to take the well-guided leap into a SureSale vehicle? Check out our inventory today!