The Real Difference Between Used vs Certified Used Cars

Used vs Certified Used Cars – Is There Really a Difference?

The short answer is, yes. There is a major difference between used vs certified used cars! For starters, one used vehicle is certified and the other is not. What does certified mean, you ask? Well, when it comes to SureSale, our certified pre-owned vehicles (insert hyperlink to new blog here), offer way more bang for your buck.

We’re talking peace of mind in the form of:

  • A clean title check
  • 150+ point inspection
  • 5-month / 5,000-mile warranty
  • 5-day exchange guarantee
  • Comprehensive auto report (CAReport)
  • Roadside, towing and rental assistance

What more could you ask for when thinking of purchasing a pre-owned vehicle? That’s some priceless peace of mind, right?

A Proper Inspection Could Waiver Your Decision

Now, when it comes to non-certified used cars, you may be looking at some risk. Used cars that aren’t certified may not come with a thorough inspection from trusted mechanics or industry leaders.

Our certification process includes a lengthy inspection by master mechanics to ensure we keep our customers in-the-know. That’s not to say the same about other private sellers or dealerships. If you just-so-happen to be interested in a car that isn’t certified, just take the extra steps to understand what it is that you’re actually purchasing.

Making the Best Purchasing Decision Possible

Making the best choice for a used or certified used vehicle can be easier with a little help. Here at SureSale, we like to ease some of the car-buying-burdens by keeping you in mind when we select and inspect our pre-owned vehicles.

When browsing our marketplace, you can rest assured that every single car we offer has been inspected under a master-mechanic microscope. We love being able to provide our customers with all the necessary information they may need during their search for a pre-owned vehicle!