The Thorough Free Car Report You Can Actually Trust

So, What Comes with a Free Car Report Anyways?

From bumper to bumper and from roof to tire, each SureSale vehicle comes with an extremely thorough free car report. When looking at other cars from other car dealerships, you may have gotten your hands on reports that were just a few pages long with bits of information you didn’t particularly deem important.  But, with SureSale you can find a report jam-packed with details on a vehicle that you actually care about.

Choosing Clarity

Our free car reports include information on hail damage, flood damage, odometer fraud, manufacturer warranty dates and even safety ratings. When choosing a SureSale car, you’re choosing clarity. Clarity into whether or not the vehicle you’re interested in has had any frame damage, structural damage, or suspension damage. Let’s not even get started on the fact that we shed light on everything under the hood – literally. We hire master mechanics to pop-the-hood on each one of our vehicles to check on fluid levels, belts and hoses, and even address any visible fluid leaks.

Reporting on Vanity, Too

We get it – the exterior sometimes is just as important as the interior (when it comes to cars, anyways), and that’s why we take just as much time inspecting the outside of the car as we do the inside. When thumbing through our free car report, you can expect to find almost 50 items that are checked to ensure your prospective vehicle is in excellent condition. From interior lights, seat belts, air bags and instrumentation, our mechanics are on it!

The car buying process can certainly be a stressful one, but our free car reports help alleviate some of that shoulder-weight. Learn more about the SureSale difference, today.