Getting Your First Used Car Inspection

Should I Bother Getting A Used Car Inspection?

Depending on where you plan to get your pre-owned vehicle from, you may need to put it through a rigorous inspection process first.  Making sure the title is clean with a quick Google search is great, but actually getting down and dirty and inspecting the vehicle’s interior and exterior is vital.

A first great step is to bring someone with you that you trust, that also knows a fair deal about vehicles to help you check out the perspective pre-owned vehicle. Getting under the hood, checking safety functions and taking a look at the tires are a great first step.

So, if you have the time and resources to check out your pre-owned vehicle before you purchase it, you’re already en-route to a successful future with your new-to-you vehicle!

Getting a Used Car Inspection you Can Trust

At SureSale, we know how stressful the car-buying experience can be.  That’s why we take the guesswork out of wondering if your perspective pre-owned vehicle is a dud or not!

We hand-pick each one of our vehicles and put them through an intense examination process. Each SureSale vehicle undergoes a 150+ point inspection that checks on the interior and exterior safety functions, tire and brake condition, and we even take each of our vehicles on a physical road test to ensure that what you’re purchasing from us is a safe and quality find!

If you want to learn more about what a thorough used car inspection entails, be sure to visit us today!