Why a Great Used Car Warranty is Something You Don’t Want to Pass On

Why a Used Car Warranty Matters

You did it – you made the decision to purchase a used car instead of a brand new car. Congrats! Now it’s time to decipher some of the confusing used car warranties that sometimes come along with the buying process. At the end of the day, and sometimes when it matters the most, you may be unclear of what’s actually covered with your warranty.

You may find yourself asking questions like:

  • Is my powertrain covered? For how long?
  • How long do I have until I can no longer exchange my vehicle?
  • Is there coverage on towing, roadside assistance and rental vehicles?

If you find a dealership that offers a thorough used-vehicle warranty, like we do here at SureSale, you may be in great luck!

 A Used Car Warranty That’ll Surprise You

We believe in giving the buyer all the power when it comes to purchasing a used vehicle and getting a great used car warranty. Automatically, we offer a great purchase protection plan that includes:

  • 5-month, 5,000-mile limited warranty that covers all major mechanical parts
  • Towing, road service and rental car coverage
  • 5-day, 500-mile vehicle exchange guarantee

If that’s not enough, we also offer 12, 24, or 36-mile extended protection plans that are priced competitively with our customers in mind! We believe in offering amazing used vehicles that offer value well beyond the date of which you’ve signed on the dotted line!              

Check out the details on our warranties and find a certified SureSale pre-owned vehicle in your area now!