Ask Yourself: What Exactly Is a SureSale?

It’s a Sure Sale

A ready-to-buy, fresh-off-the-lot vehicle with a clear, concise, and understandable story to tell. A SureSale Certified vehicle has a clean title and hasn’t been through any nasty accidents. These vehicles have been quadruple-checked by our highly trained mechanics. They’ve been fully inspected to meet our intense safety and mechanical standards. We’re talking 150+ point inspected. Believe it or not, only the best of the best gets through our inspection process.

Our mechanics are busy checking engines, cooling and fueling systems, brake conditions, powertrain and chassis systems and even interior quality levels! Customers who are interested in SureSale vehicles can rest assured that we’ve taken a fine-tooth comb across the entire vehicle from bumper to bumper and from the bottom of the tires to the top of the roof!

If that wasn’t enough, SureSale vehicles also come with a 5-month, 5,000-mile vehicle protection warranty that covers more than you may think! From the engine to the transmission to the drive axel to the air conditioning unit, this warranty is not something to sleep on!

Why a SureSale?

Where else can you get an extremely coherent comprehensive background check for your vehicle? We’re not talking about a couple of pages full of what-ifs and questionable entries by a fox. We’re talking about an in-the-weeds, extremely detailed check that includes:

  • A junk, salvage, insurance record check
  • A rebuilt, fire, flood, or hail damage check
  • A lemon check
  • A manufacturer warranty and recall check
  • An odometer check

We really get in there to figure out what is going on with the vehicle, if we can fix it, or if we just need to skip over it and go on to the next one.

It’s Protected

Not only do you get the peace of mind with the 5-day, 5,00-mile exchange guarantee, but you also get the 12, 24, 36-month extended protection plan options. Your coverage doesn’t have to stop at the 5,000-mile mark! SureSale offers vehicle buyers an extended coverage plan that will help add an extra layer of tranquility while driving.

Do you feel like your question of “what is SureSale” was answered? We hope so!

If you have any further questions about what it means to have a SureSale Certified vehicle, be sure to reach out to us!